15 Things Mentally-Strong People Never Do

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15 Things Mentally-Strong People Never Do

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 04, 2016 1:41 pm

The strongest people on earth are not the physically- strong, but the mentally strong people. They have such a great positive mental attitude that enables them to keep moving even when there are supposedly clear reasons why they should go back. They believe that ‘tough times never last, but tough people do’, in the words of Dr Robert Schuller.

Meanwhile, as against a popular opinion, these set of great minds are known for what they do not practice, rather than what they practice. For them, there are 15 of those things they never practise. Let’s go:

1. Waste time feeling sorry for themselves:
That is the last thing they do-self pity. They posses such a strong positive attitude that they believe that ‘even though you fall, you will rise again; though you’re sick, you shall be healed; though you’re rejected and jeered today, you shall be accepted and cheered tomorrow; though you were poor, you shall become rich; though you were nearly a dead man, after all, you shall live again: for after all these Job lived’ (Brochisabez). To them, all is well; the future is secured.

2.Give away power:
The mentally-strong people never surrender their power in any compromised or coaxed deal. They do not sacrifice the brighter tomorrow on the altar of a ‘begging’ today. They never surrender power either to friends or foes, forces or fantasies. They understand the importance of holding on.

3.Shy away from necessary change:
They are not the overtly rigid-principled and conventional-minded persons who loath change like leprosy. They understand when change is necessary, and follow the path of least resistance to make those necessary changes in their lives and situations. To them, the world is changing, why not you?

4.Waste energy on things they cannot control:
Mentally-strong people never employ their brain and mind power on self-destructive activities like worry and anxiety over situations they could not control. They are rather creative; thinking of the best solutions to solve their problems and that of others, where need be.

5.Worry about pleasing others:
Never! They are not popular-opinionated persons, who go about looking for a pat on the back from every body. They take a step; make a decision they feel is right and necessary at any point in time, without minding whose ox is gored.

6.Fear taking calculated risks:
The jelly fish risk- averse fellows of this world would never take a risk, in spite of its potential returns. But that is not the mentally strong people. They understand that life itself is risk, and so takes the bull by the horn whenever such opportunity comes up to take a returnable risks. And even if the game turns bad, they beat their chest and forge ahead; not crying over spilled milk, hoping tomorrow would be a good day. They have learnt the lesson on how best to do it, and that’s enough.

7.Dwell on the past:
The mentally-strong persons are progressive-minded people. They never dwell on the past, especially the ugly past of failures and adversity. They find it difficult keeping an archive of past events, as they feel that it portrays a backward mentality.

8.Make the same mistake repeatedly:
While they may have fallen over and over again, mentally-strong people easily learn from their mistakes and move on to correct it. They don’t back out from trying new things even in areas they’ve fallen before, but be sure they won’t repeat their mistakes. That is what makes them champions- never quit, learn!

9.Give up after initial failure:
Champions never do either. To these great minds, failure is not final. To them, stumbling block is a stepping stone to success. Hence, they neither fear failure nor the tendency of failing again. They learn as they fail, until they perfect.

10. Resent other people’s success:
Mentally-strong people have no inferiority complex. They believe that they are embodiments of greatness, ready to explode. Hence, there is no room for resenting others’ success, or being jealous over it. They respect others and appreciate what they have achieved too.

11. Fear ‘alone time’:
‘Alone time’ is the time when friends and families seem to desert us, leaving us to carry our crosses alone. It is at such a time, many poor-minded fellows usually begin to have resentment against God and man, and at worst, contemplate suicide with a line of ‘nobody cares for me; I’m gone’! But the mentally-strong persons at such a time, gets stronger. For them, it is a season of preparation for greatness- it does not scare them.

12.Feel the world owe them anything:
They never feel that way. They believe in self effort. They believe we all need to make contributions to our society general wellbeing. When those who are supposedly in position of helping them, fails in that responsibility, they don’t show aggression or malice over that. They easily acknowledge that the neighbour next door does not actually owe them anything. They put more of their confidence and hope in God.

13.Keep unforgiving spirit:
The mentally strong people are so matured in mind as to understand the principle of releasing others to release one. They easily forgive and forbear offenders, not just for the sake of the offender, but for their own sakes, so that they can move on without distractions.

14.Feel insecure over a perceived rival:
Inferior men are not secured. They are even afraid of their shadows, let alone a perceived rival. Then in other to keep what they feel belong to them, they seek for ways to run others down as well as cut them down. This is what the mentally strong people never do. To them, life is not a competition, but a community where every person is expected to contribute his own quota for general well-being. So what is the fuss about others’ achievement!

15.Expect immediate results:
The mentally strong people believe in hardwork and legitimate means of earning a living. They never go for compromised short cuts to achieve immediate success that might taste bitter tomorrow. They understand that it takes quality time and commitment to achieve true success. They focus in achieving an enduring result that guarantees a bright and beautiful future for themselves and others. They are not in a hurry to get up there, being assured they would definitely get them.


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